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    So you're ready to make contact, are you? Before sending me Email, please check the the general Downloads FAQ, as well as the documentation to the specific program (if your question is program related). Some programs also have a FAQ section of their own, so check that out as well if it's available.

Show your love

    If you would like to show your support of the site, and you have a webpage, please link to the website! Check out the wide selection of banners and buttons available in the Link To Us section, but hey, we love a link to us in any form. :)

English please

    I know that people around the world use my software and I love you all - and I know many of you don't speak English (so how are you reading this?) but if the email isn't in English then I definitely can't read it. While I do speak a bit of a couple other languages, the bulk of my alternative language skill is related programming, so it doesn't help much here. :)

Final thoughts

    I receive several hundred emails a day, so please keep this in mind when emailing me! Do not email me asking when the next version of something will be available, I usually base the decision on how much time to spend working on a program by the amount of registrations, so there's your incentive to register. Also, please don't email questions about other programs (those not made by AnalogX), or questions like "Do you know of any programs that do... Do you know where I could find a program that does..." - the best way to find out this sort of thing is to check out one of the file-related sites in the Links Section. Make SURE to read the docs for the program you downloaded before contacting me; almost all of the email questions sent to me are answered in the readme file... If that doesn't address your particular problem, then fill out the following form and make SURE to include the name of the program that the email is in regard to. Due to the sheer volume of emails I receive, I can't promise a reply, but I do read each and every email sent; I also save all the suggestions people make for the next time I'm working on a new version.

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